This is an In-Line Frame (iFrame)

Please note that not all browsers are configured to support in-line frames,
HOWEVER, thanks to the awesome work of John Davenport Scheuer at,
this iFrame is rather "special", as it will automatically resize its height to accommodate
all of the content that a page which is displayed here contains...and without the need for an extra scroll bar!

This wonderful script works in all current versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome,
Opera and Safari Browsers, and also on Android phones and tablets.
I can't attest to iPhones/iPads since I don't own one (they're above my pay-grade)
but I haven't received any complaints saying that this "flexible" iFrame doesn't work on an iPhone/iPad.

One piece of advice for inserting this "flexible" iFrame into any lay-out...
in order to contract properly in all Browsers for pages with less content (shorter pages),
change the DOC Type at the top of your html code to simply <!DOCTYPE HTML> on the pages.
Otherwise, the pages will expand, but if a shorter page is viewed after a long one, the iFrame will
stay expanded to the length of the previous page in FireFox and Chrome Browsers.

Other than that, the only additional requirements for this "flexible" iFrame to work
are this piece of code, inserted into the <HEAD> section of each page that will be opened inside the iFrame

<script type="text/javascript" src="rzPIframe.js">
/* Resize Iframe Script John Davenport Scheuer
As first seen in
User Name: jscheuer1
This Credit Must Remain for Legal Use */

and the rzPIframe.js file that is included in the zipped folder with this set must be
located in the same directory/folder as the pages that reference it.
(If the .js file is located somewhere else, you MUST change the code accordingly to the correct file path!)

In order for the page links in the top image (or wherever you choose to place them) to load a page into the iFrame,
give the iFrame itself a NAME (i.e. content) and set each page link's target to reference that specified name.
EXAMPLE this current page is linked like this:
<a target="content" href="cherryblossomsHOME.html">HOME</a>
in the text links at the bottom of the lay-out, and the same way at the top, where the word 'HOME' is an image instead.

Have fun with this...and don't let anyone tell you that iFrames are a "NO-NO" (this one is a Gem!)

Since this a slightly more complicated lay-out, I'm including some additional (pre-made) pages,
and they are linked to the buttons I have created for the set.
But if
you still have trouble getting it to work, please feel free to contact me
and I'll see what I can do to help.


Button Font: LHF Californian Light

Page Title Font: Jacoba

This Font Color: #E4DA8D


Click HERE to download this entire set as a zip file