The main picture at the top is my own creation, inspired by and
constructed with various tubes from the many PSP Blend tutorials available online

The pretty "Tinkerbell Sparkles" created by the mouse cursor are courtesy of RV's Free Javascripts

Font used:  Jacoba Bold
This Font Color:  #8E7697

Click here to download this entire set as a zip file

I've included some "extras" in the zip file, i.e. buttons and the main picture without a shadow.
Also included are "extension" pieces for the lace border on each side (for longer pages).
Right now, the left and right borders each have 7 sections of the 281 pixel long "lace strip".
Extending those borders can be done by either adding more of those 281px strips,
or (if you just need a little bit more room) by adding a 125px or 80px extension piece.