The September 11th graphic "The Last Full Measure of Devotion"
is by 
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt    and used here
with written permission from the Spiderwebart Gallery

To Ruth Ann Mahaffey: Thank you for the permission to display the ribbons.

* * * * * * *

to my "in process of FINALLY being updated" graphics pages.

Yeah, I's been veeery, long overdue that I did some updates. So long, as a matter of fact, that it has actually become embarrassing to still have the site online.
But as a grandma of 2 by now (and live-in babysitter), I don't have nearly as much time for my computer as I used to. So please bear with me, and be patient because it will take some time to get all these sets either updated, or replaced with new ones.

To (hopefully) avoid a lot of confusion, I will remove the old sets, and then replace them one-by-one with updated or new versions. While this is in progress, some of the categories might look rather empty. But don't worry, they will be refilled as quickly as possible.
Now, some of the sets will still have their basic previous design, but ALL will have at least their code updated to fix scripts that are no longer working in the newer Browsers, and to be more compliant with the new requirements. Most will also have at least some new features added (i.e. "rollover" effects for the buttons).

So, all that said, and if you have been to my site before then you are already familiar (or should be anyway) with the terms I request for the use of my designs.  Just in case, though, and for all new-comers, I will continue to keep them included on this page.

One point I need to add is, that all copyrights of original artworks remain with their respective owners (please see my "Note to copyright owners" below the category buttons). The Graphics I have created are intended for personal use only, but since everyone seems to know by now how to bypass the "No Right Click" feature , I won't even bother to try protecting them from being taken.

I would appreciate , however, to be given credit for my work, so if you use my Graphics, please copy the matching logo, supplied with each background set as well, and include it in your site with a link back to
Alternatively, or if your site has a regular "Links" page, you may also use my banner
to link back to my site.


Other than that, I hope you appreciate these designs as much as I enjoyed creating them. 
Please feel free to email me with any comments or criticism you may have.







Note to copyright owners:   It is NOT my intention to profit from anyone else's work, infringe on anyone's rights, or to steal anyone's artwork!  I have made every effort to obtain written permission from the artists or their representatives for the use of the artwork, and have removed those graphics and/or sets where permission was denied. However, some artists are either unknown to me, could not be reached, or have not responded to my request for permission. The majority of artwork, used in my graphics, are scanned or photographed images of prints, greeting cards, T-shirts, collectibles etc., which I have purchased or otherwise acquired over a number of years.  Should you recognize your artwork on this site, then I hereby respectfully request your permission for its use.  Should you  deny me this request, please contact me and I will remove those graphics immediately.  If, however, you allow me to continue their use, I will be glad to fully acknowledge your credit (if I haven't already done so), abide by any guidelines you may require for the use of your artwork, and include a link to your site (where applicable) with the design.

Thank you.





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