Well, this page was as outdated as the rest of my site, so I guess it's time to give it an "overhaul" too. So, let's see what I can tell you about me...other than the basics, and my likes and dislikes where nothing much has really changed.

I'm Petty Munroe, where "Petty", of course, is just a nickname, after Richard Petty, 'cause I got a slight problem with speed-limits. My real first name is Petra, but hardly anyone calls me that nowadays.
I was born in Nürnberg, Germany, in 19.. (I ain't gonna tell). Grew up there, and lived there until the age of 21.
Yeah, I'm a "Kraut"--or used to be anyway.

My husband, Rick, and I met in 1985 while he was stationed over there and, believe me, there is such a thing as "love at first sight"! We got married in West Virginia in March of 1987. No one gave this relationship a snowball's chance in hell, but, hey, what did they know? (Yes, we are STILL married!) We moved to West Virginia for good when he left the Service after the Gulf War (the first one).

I got my citizenship (which means a whole lot to me) in '93, and I can proudly say that I have managed to become a real "country-girl". I also managed to lose just about every last hint of a German accent (but who wants to sound like Dr. Ruth anyway, right?) My only problem is that I learned most of my English around Military folk and, needless to say, learned all the "dirty" words first. So, I really have to watch my mouth and I'm not always very "politically correct" in a casual conversation.
Of course it doesn't help much that I like "hangin' out with the guys" at the hunting camp. Let me tell ya, when you're the only "girl" in camp, you better be able to hold your own if you plan on sticking around. I got the advantage that I used to participate in card-tournaments in Germany, so I can "hang" fairly well at Poker time. My second advantage is that I was taught about firearms and how to shoot by a sniper-qualified, ex US-Army Ranger (who just happens to be my hubby, and who makes it a point to have me know every weapon I touch inside and out). Believe me, consistently hitting what you aim at sure boosts your prestige.

My favorite things ( at least the top 10):

* Hunting (definitely top of the list!)
* Rick's cooking (
omelet's are one of his specialties)
* Country Music (
the "older" stuff, but still except Buck Owens)
* Watching Baseball (GO REDS!) - actually, these days I rather watch Football (GO BENGALS! and GO MOUNTAINEERS!)
* Playing Poker
* Motorcycles (
riding and working on 'em)
* Native American History
* John Wayne Movies (
especially "The Green Berets")
* Richard Marcinko's "Rogue Warrior" Books (
not like I have much time for reading books anymore)
* Military "stuff"

Things I hate:

* Anyone who wants to mess with our 2nd Amendment
* Anyone who would burn the American Flag
(and don't even try to tell me that's "freedom of speech")
* People who have nothing better to do than to put viruses or malware on the internet
* Golf
* Being "broke"
* Politicians who don't keep their promises
* Anyone who tells me how I should live my life
* Pinto Beans
* Big cities
* People who drive slower than the speed limit

Well, I figure I probably ticked a whole lotta folks off by now. Please don't expect an apology, because it ain't gonna happen! See, that's where the "freedom of speech" should come in. You say what you mean and then you stand by it.

Anyway, for those of you who don't hold this "character flaw" against me, let me tell ya, I really wish some of the people I grew up with could see me now. Especially the ones who didn't think I belonged with the "in-crowd". Hah! I've seen and done more things than any of my former peers would ever dream about. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, PEOPLE!!!
I wonder how many of them have ever worked on a Harley transmission in their kitchen, or gutted and skinned their first deer. Oops, now I've lost a few more readers with this last part. Yeah, maybe I qualify as a Redneck or a Hillbilly too, by now. So what? I like it that way!

Rick and I (still, even after 30+ years of marriage by now) got probably the most perfect relationship, any couple could ever enjoy. He loves to cook and he spoils me rotten (especially on Sundays), and I'd rather shop for a new rifle than for new clothes. My idea of "accessorizing" is decking out a new shotgun with a heat-shield, folding stock, and side-saddle.

Kids? Yeah, we got those too...Kyle and Kayla, who are by now, grown up though.
Actually, when Rick and I first met, he wanted enough kids to start his own race, but luckily I managed to talk him out of it. Sure, kids are great to have, but whoever wrote all those books about parenting must've never had any. Geesh, the things they come up with sometimes! And nobody ever told me that someday I'd be running up a mountain, trying to find some blood-root, because that was always the only thing that would help our daughter whenever she had an allergic reaction to any kind of flea-medication we put on our dog.
Should have gotten rid of the dog, you say? Uh-huh! That would have gone over real well. We'd just end up with another one anyway--- we always did! Get a cat instead, you say? What's the difference? They need flea-medication, too! And it used to be, none of us were ever real fond of cats after one of the neighbor's cats raided a Robin's nest in the yard and killed one of the babies. We managed to save the other little one and took care of him 'til he was old enough to fly and fend for himself. We turned him loose up at our farm, and the last time we saw him he was zooming across the field like a fighter-jet, looking real good.
That was then...this is now and the Munroe "Zoo" now also includes a Tabby cat named "Max" (should have been "Maxine", but she only listens to her name when it suits her anyway, so I guess it don't matter much). The other new additions are a Bearded Dragon named "Rosie", a Ball Python named "Jasmine" (or "Jazzy" for short), the Fat Tail Geckos "Stripe" and "Bendie", a Goldfish named "Frankie" and his aquarium mates "Callie", "Speedy" and "Tiny", the Shepherd "Harley" and last but not least my couch-hound (Black Lab and Black & Tan Hound mix) "Chloe".

Needless to say, there's never a dull moment around here. Whether it's taking in stray dogs, rescuing kittens that had been dumped by some heartless prick, or bottle feeding and "mothering" orphaned baby Raccoons...I've just about done it all by now. Back in spring of 2001, up at our farm, we rescued a fawn from a dog that had a hold of it (needless to say that dog never got to chase another one---EVER!).  We "doctored" up the fawn and he spent the night in our cabin. Next morning we took him for a "stroll" in the woods. Seemed like he knew exactly where he needed to go, considering he led us straight back to the area where the dog had first cornered him. Had three big does standing there who didn't even run when we came into sight. The little one started bawling, took off in a flash, and went directly to one of the does who started licking him. Figure she spent about three days to get the nasty "people" smell off of him. We're pretty sure the little one made it, 'cause (unless there was another young buck around with a scar on his right rear where the dog had a hold of him) he actually came back, rather close to the cabin, several times.

Now some of you probably say "how can you do something like that and still like hunting?" Simple! It's a matter of give-and-take. We gave that little buck a chance to live which, otherwise, he wouldn't have had. And there is a BIG difference between hunting and just killing an animal. What? You think them steaks, chicken legs and pork-chops you buy at the grocery store all died of "natural causes"? Unless you're a true vegetarian (and don't you dare eat eggs, neither) you ain't got the right to blame us for putting meat on the table for our family. Don't get me wrong, though---we strongly believe in using everything we harvest. If you kill it, you better eat it! I hate a "trophy hunter" with a passion 'cause, no matter how long you boil them horns, you still can't eat 'em.

But anyway---since 2006 I've been blessed with a whole new experience of "mothering" something....or better say "grand-mothering" something, which is one of the main reasons why this website of mine has been so badly neglected. Rick and I became grandparents for the first time in 2006 when our beautiful granddaughter Brianna Nicole was born, and then again in 2012 with the arrival of her brother Aiden Nathaniel. Fortunately for me, I haven't had a "real job"---other than "Mom and housewife"---since our own kids were little, so I just added "Grandma and live-in babysitter" to my resume. Brianna has been living with Rick and me since she was born, and Aiden is a daily "visitor" at our home. That little rascal is "2 handfuls", and all it takes is a couple of seconds not paying attention, for him to get into something.
So, is it okay to "blame" the grandkids for not getting any work done for so long on this website??? (well, if a "good excuse is worth a Million Dollars", then that one probably isn't worth 2 cents, huh?
By the way, do you know what the difference is between being a Mom and being  a Grandma????.... No???
Well, I figured out that the difference is about 250 Miles. How so?....Simple!...As a Mom I would've NEVER considered driving 250 Miles to a store that carries a special item that one of them really really wanted for Christmas. As a Grandma....well, I DID!

Well, that's about it, I guess. So, if you're not one of those who clicked on the "BACK" button after the first section, and if you like my "stuff", I'd be glad to hear from you. Drop me a line at nightwing308@suddenlink.net
And if you don't like it--well, then you're entitled to your opinion, and to your right to "freedom of speech".  I appreciate an honest opinion.

Okay, NOW you can push the "BACK" button!  :>)